You need someone who understands how your website works & who can help you fix it

I own a blog as well, so I know what you’re dealing with.

For over 5 years I’ve created, designed, built, and managed a travel blog. I know this industry from the inside.

I was the Director of Production Management at a popular WordPress Management, Hosting, and Development Agency for almost 5 years. I worked with bloggers and small businesses on small projects and full site redevelopments. I have experience helping similar clients.

I’m curious and passionate about software development. I’m constantly learning new tools and languages. And I love helping clients realize what their website can do for them.

I can help you find that balance between design & optimization

 “I’ve been getting free coaching and tech advice for my blog from Laura since November 2016 when we were placed in the same travel blogging Mastermind Group. I’m always eager for our monthly meetings because she’s my go-to WordPress guru for quick, no nonsense help on things that really matter when it comes to my blog. So that’s why I knew I didn’t want to change blog themes without having her expertise available. Have you seen her blog? It’s amazing! She knows blogging from a blogger’s perspective. So I hired her for my move from a Genesis theme to Mediavine’s Trellis theme. Having anything go wrong could cost me real $, so it was worth it to me to invest in her services. It was worth EVERY penny. I’ve been blogging for 13 years and every big change can bring on such stress and be such a time suck – but I swear it was the only time I’ve made a major change and felt completely stress-free. Because I knew Laura was there and could either fix anything that went wrong or know who I should consult to get it fixed. That’s exactly how it went and now my blog looks how I want without any downtime. I will be recommending her services to blogger friends all the time!”
Michele Whiteaker
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